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CAF Worldwide Q4 Report (Part 2)

Charting the course of the journey through 2023 and the voyage into 2024 with the CAF Worldwide Q4 report.

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CAF Worldwide Q4 Report (Part 1)

Charting the course of the journey through 2023 and the voyage into 2024 with the CAF Worldwide Q4 report.

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CAF Worldwide Q3 2023 Logistics, Supply Chain & Global Trade Review & Outlook

Continued soft consumer demand and lower volumes, no seasonal peak, and disruptions at the Panama Canal will lead shippers toward alternative and creative logistics solutions. 

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CAF Worldwide Q2 2023 Logistics, Supply Chain & Global Trade Review & Outlook

Reduced shipment volumes and freight rates, higher costs, and lower consumer confidence continue to pose challenges within the worldwide logistics and supply-chain industries.

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CAF Worldwide Q1 2023 Logistics, Supply Chain & Global Trade Outlook

As global trade and supply chains approach pre-pandemic levels, demand has cooled and capacity has grown—presenting new challenges amid rising energy costs, high inflation, and uncertainty regarding China.

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Industry Thought Leaders Discuss COVID-19’s Effects & Changes

Supply chain and logistics thought leaders share what they’ve been experiencing, hearing, and seeing within novel coronavirus (COVID-19) industry changes and challenges.

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Advantages & Challenges of a U.S.-Based Manufacturing Comeback

Ongoing tariff wars, novel coronavirus (COVID-19) production delays, and blank sailings could fuel a U.S.-based manufacturing resurgence.

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How Logistics Providers Create Flexibility & Savings

Working with an experienced freight forwarder during challenging times is vital for customs clearance, shipping documentation, insurance, and supply chain management—resulting in lower costs, greater efficiencies, and invaluable relationships.

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How COVID-19 Regulatory Measures Will Impact Shipping

Newly recommended novel coronavirus (COVID-19) federal regulations and accompanying legal benchmarks are expected to alter current trade and transportation landscapes for ports, carriers, and others.

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Decreasing Freight Rates & Improving Production Will Help Shippers Rebound

Proper supply chain planning and transition can help shippers recover from current setbacks, such as tariff wars, consistent blank sailings, record-breaking delays, increased pricing, and COVID-19.

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Our History

For more than 40 years, CAF Worldwide has prided itself on connecting shippers with reliable, seamless shipping solutions throughout the world. Our team of loyal logistics professionals are dedicated to ensuring shipments arrive safely, and on time, regardless of destination.


Ocean Freight Transportation

Our comprehensive range of services, from logistics support to customer brokerage, cargo monitoring, and carrier rate negotiations, guarantees that your shipments are placed on the right vessels, within the right containers, and always on time.

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Air Freight Services

We offer time-sensitive air freight services to transport high-value luxury fashion items and perishable food and agricultural goods with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our team ensures that your shipment arrives safely at every step of the journey, providing you with complete peace of mind.

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Diversified International

Trucking & Drayage Services

Our transportation services include truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL), and drayage—all of which are available for any shipment with an international component.

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Navigating the Customs Clearance Process

Many freight forwarders outsource the customs clearance process, leaving shippers without direct representation. At CAF Worldwide, we have an in-house team dedicated to guiding you through this process from start to finish. Our experienced professionals will serve as your advocates, working tirelessly to ensure your shipment clears customs quickly and smoothly.

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Updated RFID-Based Loss Prevention Strategies

As the shipper, you’ll have control on where your shipments are located at all times: from conception at the factory, all the way to final delivery at the customer destination. This also includes a new RFID scanning tunnel at our new Bangladesh warehouse and 24/7 CCTV cameras. 


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