Advanced & ProvenLoss Prevention & RFID Technologies

In-House, Integrated Loss-Prevention Processes

Radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) offers many benefits to shippers, including improved supply chain visibility and the ability to unlock additional value at every stage of the supply chain. With RFID, you can track the location of your shipments from the factory to the final destination, providing you with greater control and peace of mind. This added visibility can help you optimize your supply chain operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

Factory with stock rollers and boxes

Through CAF Worldwide’s 45,000-square foot Bangladesh warehouse, we can deploy the following processes on every shipment handled:
  • Information Gathering: The vendor uploads all relevant import information into our inventory management system. 
  • Entry-Point Scanning: Upon receipt, our RFID scanning tunnel gathers shipment information into our IT system.
  • Tracking & Tracing: We automatically have all information such as 
    • Specific Container
    • Loading/Unloading Process
    • Specified Vessel Type & Name
    • Shipment Number & Expected Arrival Time at Destination

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Fighting Loss Prevention With RFID Technology

If you have experienced the frustration of having a container reported as missing without any information on its last known location, it may be time to invest in an automated, real-time inventory tracking management system. Traditional software platforms can help address these concerns, but some large retailers like Wal-Mart are taking it a step further with RFID technology to improve loss prevention and address other concerns. With RFID, you can track your inventory in real-time and have complete visibility of its location throughout the entire supply chain, from the factory to the final destination.

Apparel manufacturers are leading the charge as the first shippers to implement RFID technology. Now, this initiative is gaining steam with other products, such as electronics, household items, and toys. RFID technology can reduce cargo theft and improve supply chain visibility. It sets logistics standards for loss prevention, revenue protection, and quality control.

Regularly Updated RFID Tracking & Tracing Platforms

Highly recommended for tracking and cargo loss prevention, RFID technology can provide the following benefits:

  • Calculate various shipment parameters, such as carton amount, units, and loading times and locations. 
  • End-to-end inventory tracking, including immediate missing items recognition. 
  • Volume and efficiency gains, through the shipper’s ability to track goods at every moment.