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Our advanced, spacious capabilities reduce the potential for backlogs and delays.

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Navigating a country's unfamiliar processes, policies, and infrastructure can be overwhelming. It’s therefore vital to seek help from an experienced freight forwarder and licensed customs broker. Working with a company that provides both services in-house can streamline the process even more when shifting your supply chain or seeking warehouse space in a specific country.

If you’re looking for a China alternative, or another avenue to ship ready made garments (RMGs), Bangladesh warehouse space is currently available.

However, if you wait too long, you might miss this current opportunity.

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Our brand-new Bangladesh warehouse, spanning 45,000-square feet, opened its doors in January 2023 on the outskirts of the bustling Chattogram port city.

This opening is timely, as Bangladesh is undergoing a significant infrastructure improvement and offers lower production costs compared to other Southeast Asian countries. These advantages enable us to assist our clients in overcoming supply chain challenges caused by Chinese production slowdowns and capacity constraints.

Conveniently located to all major transportation hubs, our warehouse is:


Minutes From the Karnaphuli River


Minutes From Shah Amanat International Airport


Minutes From Port of Chattogram

Quick Unloading/Loading Times & Expediting Processes

With the capacity uptick caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in recent years, many shipments that previously went through China have been redirected to Bangladesh. However, this led to cargo waiting outside loading docks for up to 21 days. Our newly opened 45,000-square foot warehouse in the outskirts of the Chattogram port city can handle this with speed and efficiency, avoiding the delays, backups, and demurrage fees that can result from containers sitting in warehouses for extended periods of time.

45,000-Square Feet of Bangladesh Warehouse Space Supporting New & Existing Shippers

Our new Bangladesh facility boasts double the capacity of any other warehouse in the port city area. This provides an opportunity for shippers/importers to store additional cargo and goods up to 120 days in our climate- and humidity-controlled warehouse.

We’re also ready and prepared to handle any additional capacity and inventory upticks, as well as vendors with unexpected growth.

This new space can also accommodate local shippers requiring storage space for goods awaiting shipment. With this open area, it’s the best and easiest way for shippers to expand beyond China and other Southeast Asian countries.

We offer a range of services to ensure seamless logistics, including but not limited to:

  • Air & Ocean Freight Forwarding
  • Intermodal & Land Transportation 
  • Drayage Services
  • Customs Clearance & Brokerage
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Automated Tracking & 24/7 Personal Service
  • Logistics & Consulting
  • Loss Prevention Initiatives
  • RFID Technology

A Trifecta of Benefits:
Expedited Truck Loading, Warehouse Space & RFID

Our new facility in Bangladesh can help overcome some of the biggest challenges faced within the country's logistics industry, including limited warehouse space, slow loading and unloading times, and inadequate use of advanced technologies. Additionally, our facility is equipped to support shippers who require additional storage space.

Several benefits of our Bangladesh warehouse include:

Rapid Expediting:

At Power Freight's new facility, trucks can now be unloaded within hours, which is a significant improvement over the previous wait times of up to three weeks. The facility features a canopy-covered outdoor area for loading and unloading, providing protection against adverse weather conditions that can damage cargo

Increased Capacity:

This 45,000-square foot, climate-controlled warehouse can accommodate double the capacity of any others in the area. All cartons are stored with heavy-duty industrial pallets; we’ll never place any shipments or goods on bare floors. 

RFID Technology:

With big-box retailers implementing apparel vendor mandates, RFID offers shippers visibility at every stage of the supply chain, as well as the opportunity to unlock additional market value. This includes our technologically advanced RFID scanning tunnel. 

Loss Prevention Initiatives:

As theft and tampering are on the rise, our facility is safeguarded and protected by 24/7, 360-degree CCTV security cameras. We also have zero tolerance for wet cartons or missing merchandise. Should this ever happen, we immediately alert the vendor via real-time digital photos, videos, and text messages.

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