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Centralized communication and custom solutions that optimize your supply chain and increase your company’s bottom line

We’ve been on the front lines of shipping logistics ever since the term “logistics” escaped the confines of strict military use.

That is to say: since the 1980s, we’ve batted every curveball that the growing global economy has thrown our way sayonara, truckers.

  • Trade shows?
  • Art exhibits?
  • Corporate meetings?

We’ve got you covered: CAF Worldwide is proficient in moving refrigerated perishables and oversized shipments.


Freight Management Logistics provide the critical guidance and support so vital for the smooth operation of the ever-evolving freight forwarding industry.

Freight Management Logistics comprise the core mechanisms and infrastructure at the heart of this multi-billion-dollar global business.

Though essentially invisible to the general public, international shipping—air, sea and land—is the lifeline of the global commerce industry, and without such logistical precision underpinnings, would simply not be possible.

A successful logistics system works to:

  • Trim cycle times
  • Shrink inventories
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve customer relations

So, that’s what we do. CAF Worldwide provides clients with supply chain solutions that are cost-effective, while also promoting beneficial relationship development.

Our logistics services:

Warehousing and Distribution

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Lasting relationships with our clients are forged with tougher stuff than just good faith.

Rather, it is our enduring partnerships with various steamship lines and practiced contract negotiating abilities that allow us to consistently provide the most competitive rates in the industry and secure adequate space for your cargo even during hectic peak seasons.

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