CAF Worldwide Is Expanding

Team CAF Worldwide is gearing up to take on major industry disruptors with some internal alterations of our own, including new hires.

September 13, 2018  •  3 minute read has always been the status quo of the global shipping industry, and that remains true through today. The imminent future of freight forwarding will be impacted by changes from disruptive technologies, consumer behaviors, and capacity limits that will test the tenacity and adaptability of each provider.

CAF Worldwide is responding to these with internal modifications and significant growth of our own, including several new hires and the substantial expansion of our reach in Central America.

Our new content offer, the CAF Worldwide Quarterly Forecast, includes thoughtful insights from renowned economist Michael Obuchowski Ph.d. and CAF Founder and President Joseph Barry, combined with extensive market research, to tell the story of the most likely future of freight forwarding and the world economy at large. Among other observations included within this narrative:

  • Consumers have become accustomed to much faster shipping times than were previously available. To maintain customer-centric models of service and quickened delivery times, forwarders will be held to a standard that guarantees both ease of use of tracking and warehousing technologies, and attentive human customer service.
  • The advent of digital forwarders has introduced new technological capabilities, available for adoption by forwarders progressive and dominant enough to undertake them.
  • Shippers face a "capacity crunch" positioning them to benefit greatly from predictive freight-matching applications, as well as strategic brokerage partnerships.

We're Hiring

CAF Worldwide intends to match these industry-wide shifts with internal changes of our ownnamely, by growing our team. We're currently looking to fill the following three positions:

  • Sales Executive

The Sales Executive position is responsible for identifying and developing leads that generate new sales opportunities for air and ocean import/export shipments and brokerage.

  • Logistics Coordinator

The Logistics Coordinator position is responsible for the coordination of air and ocean import/export shipments. This includes, but is not limited to, opening files, internal documentation, assisting customers, arranging deliveries, processing invoices, and responding to overseas offices.

  • Customs Entry Specialist

The Customs Entry Specialist position is responsible for the coordination of air and ocean import shipments. This includes, but is not limited to, opening files, transmitting customs entries, internal documentation, assisting customers, arranging deliveries and processing invoices.

Visit careers for more information regarding any of these openings, or to submit your application.

Forward Thinking

When choosing a freight forwarder, you want a partner who has the experience, foresight, and bandwidth to make the right business moves and to implement the right technologies as they become necessary to stay ahead of the competition.

As aforementioned, the world of freight forwarding is ever-changing. The latest and greatest developments in the industry have been tech-based, and serve to significantly alter the forwarding landscape, particularly, digital forwarders, marketplaces, and spot market platforms. The introduction of these innovation-driving elements has accelerated the sprint toward optimal customer service and user experience via transparency and responsiveness.

Forwarders who think of industry progress as a death knell are probably right; if they do not plan to progress, surely, they will fail. Still, there are sturdy and forward-thinking forwarders who do not see the transformative nature of innovation as a threat, but rather, as an opportunity to flexibly implement new, viable solutions for their associated shippers in ways suited to their unique businesses.

Organizations that are able to grow and scale with the increasingly global marketplace are adaptable, agile, and conscientious. They dissolve egos to prioritize putting the right people with the right skill sets in the right seats to best boost their own business, as well as those of their clients.

That's the CAF way, and that's why, for nearly three decades, CAF has been Here, There, Everywhere.

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