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Issue 8: July 2020

Featuring Insights from Customs Brokerage Expert and CAF Worldwide CEO Joe Barry, Trade Lane Notes by Director of Operations Torie Coleman, Thought Leader Commentaries, Legal Insights, and more!


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Issue #7 – Q2 2020

April 2020

Synopsis: The Apparel Industry will have a forever changed landscape following events such as tariff increases and the Coronavirus pandemic. This will affect everyone from carriers, truckers, ports and factories, to of course freight forwarders and logistics providers. Therefore it will be more vital than ever to stay positive within this current volatile market.

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Issue #6 – Q1 2020

January 2020

Synopsis: The outlook for 2020 will be similar to Q4 2019: low rates, volumes down to some degree, and not as much expected growth. This will also include a continued drive by importers to find alternative markets outside of China.

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Issue #5 – Q4 2019

October 2019

Synopsis:  A range of global issues continue to create uncertainty amid fears of an economic slowdown. However, a disappointing “peak season” for shipping may have more to do with improved technologies and processes than the impact of trade wars.

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Issue #4 – Q3 2019

August 2019

Synopsis: U.S. companies are moving all or parts of their supply chains out of China and into developing Southeast Asian markets with increasing frequency due to the ongoing trade war between the two economic superpowers, with additional ramifications yet to be determined.

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Issue #3 – Q2 2019

April 2019

Synopsis: The shipping industry’s first quarter was characterized by historic logjams at U.S. ports due to the launch of the Trump administration’s ongoing trade war with China, which drags uncertainties into Q2.

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Issue #2 – Q1 2019

January 2019

Synopsis: Tough questions still remain: Will we see a second front-loading push before the next round of tariffs? How will supply chains mitigate tariff-related pitfalls? Will the 25% duties on Chinese goods ever even come to fruition?

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Issue #1 – Q4 2018

October 2018

Synopsis: The shipping industry’s third quarter was defined by an exceptional degree of uncertainty regarding proposed and realized tariffs and ongoing “trade war” mainly targeting China by U.S. President Donald Trump, which will continue into the fourth quarter, and possibly beyond.

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