Why It’s Vital to Stay Positive Within This Volatile Market

Why It’s Vital to Stay Positive Within This Volatile Market

A freight forwarder can help shippers remedy the current economic downturn through creative contingency planning, supply chain transitions, and cultivating relationships with alternative production nations.

March 30, 2020  •  2 minute read

By Joseph Barry, President & Founder, CAF Worldwide

We’re currently in the midst of many industry changes. This affects everyone from carriers, truckers, ports and factories, to of course freight forwarders and logistics providers.

While these continue to plague our industry, it’s seemingly a Herculean task to stay positive and hopeful within this volatile market. 

We’ve always banded together during disruptive events, such as the Great Recession and the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach strikes. 

We’ll make it through this as well. 

Industry Changes & Challenges

While things might seem uncertain, the worldwide apparel market will still achieve high numbers. According to online data statistics portal Statista, this figure is set for value of $1.52 trillion in 2020. 

Most demand will continue from Asia. As China becomes more costly to do business, alternative nations, such as Vietnam and Bangladesh will continue to move ahead.

The aforementioned figures represent how the apparel industry can still make a solid comeback from prior economic events. I am hopeful we’ll see the same gains as current events even out. 

Help Is Always Available

While our industry will undoubtedly experience challenges in the coming months, it’s our role as freight forwarders and customs brokers, to guide shippers toward best practices such as:

As always, please continue to reach out with any supply chain questions as you navigate this  challenging industry climate. 

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